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Straight Stair Lifts

Straight Stair Lifts dublin

The most cost effective solution when it comes to a Stair Lift can more often than not be offered in relation to a straight set of stairs, as the picture and name suggest – it is straight up without bending or turning.  There are no angled steps.  However, if you have an angled step this can be altered to allow a Straight Stair Lift to be installed.

Most manufacturers will have their own unique designs, and therefore your preference could be based on colour or comfort, but they all perform in a similar way.  They will remove the challenge that the stairs can become.

Get Straight Stair Lift advice from friends and family who may know others to have benefitted.  Grants for Stairlifts are available to those who qualify – but be warned… it can be a slow process

It can be difficult to get a proper visual understanding of which stair lift will best suit your needs, and brochures can only offer a general view.  We would recommend that where possible you review a few different options, and visit showrooms that have working stairlifts on display.  This is the only way to guarantee that you remain in control and choose what you want – as opposed to what a sales person might want to supply.  Another top tip would be to speak to your neighbours – they may know someone who has a stair lift – and can give genuine advice on the benefits that they have received by having a straight stair lift installed.

In addition to this – the market is strong with Second Hand Straight Stair lifts.  Normally prices range from about €1100 installed, and there are plenty on offer – just give us a bell and we can give you some advice.  Just be careful if you buy a second hand Straight Stair Lift online – it needs to be the Left or Right handed to suit your stairs, always check the length of the rail.  Ideally you need to see it working – these are technical items that really need to be fitted by a competent Stair Lift Fitter

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