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First and foremost, if you are looking at this then someone you know is having difficulty with their stairs and may need a stair lift.  Should you do nothing more about it today, our advice would be to ensure there is a telephone, or other means of raising the alarm within easy reach, at the foot of the stairs.

The fall is not the biggest danger – it’s not being able to call for help.


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Stair lifts have grown in popularity over the last few years, and our ageing population will continue to fuel this demand.  At some point we have all helped our parents and grandparents in getting up or down the stairs.  For a relatively small price – a stair lift can give great peace of mind to other family members, friends and neighbours who might be concerned about the safety of the home owner.

Stair lifts can help in many different ways.  Our top tip when considering a Stair lift would be to phone a few Stair lift companies on a Sunday evening, whichever ones answer your call – will more than likely respond if you have difficulty out of hours or on Christmas holidays etc.

Stair lift Servicing is also something that should be considered.  More often than not people tend to wait until something happens and the stair lift stops working before calling out an engineer.  Treat is like you would treat a car – get your Stair lift Serviced regularly and avoid expensive call outs.

There are many varying configurations available including Straight, Curved and Perch(Standing) Lifts, If you are unsure as to what might suit you best – give us a shout – our advice is free.

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