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Shower Cubicles & Shower Loo Cubicles

It is rumoured that Shower Cubicles were so common in Ireland that they were called Confession Boxes.  We can’t confirm this of course, but when you see one it becomes immediately believable.

At some point serious decisions need to be made regarding the home.  Does the upstairs bathroom need altered, is a stair lift required to get there etc etc…But in certain circumstances Shower Cubicles make perfect sense.

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These can be installed in any room in the home.  More often than not it will be the Living Room, the furniture comes out to be replaced by a bed, and Shower Cubicles or Shower Loo Cubicles are installed in the corner against an external wall. This allows everything the client needs to be on the ground floor in close vicinity.

The above left image shows 2 different options side by side – the Shower Loo will cover toileting as well as showering.  The Toilet doubles up as a shower seat, and although it tries to remain discreet…a toilet is a toilet all day long.  The cubicles to the right are both for showering only, and on the far right you can see how little space is required – ideal for anywhere – but more likely to go into a bedroom.

Unfortunately when it comes to shower cubicles, and probably more so, shower loo cubicles, without question the best environment for these to prove highly beneficial are in terminal cases.  Sadly there comes a time when options are slim.  Keeping our mothers and fathers at home for as long as possible seems to be all that matters.  If this is the case – and downstairs toileting or showering facilities are just not addequate, then for a relatively small fee – shower cubicles or showerloo cubicles can be installed.

Its not something anyone wants in the downstairs living room – and when its no longer needed it can be removed quickly restoring the house to its original layout – but when time is precious, and we want our loved ones to be home until the end – shower cubicles really do help.

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