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Level Access Showers and Accessible Showers

Level Access ShowersLevel Access shower trays account for the majority of bathroom adaptations for the elderly or less abled in Ireland. When the Bath is removed a level access tray is installed, 1200mm x 750mm would be a common size, with a 1000mm x 700mm suitable to the smaller bathrooms found in most Cities.

A frequently used door configuration would be what is known in the industry as “Tri-Fold”. This offers a 1 handed door operation that allows maximum access to the showering area itself.

The doors themselves are half height – the main benefit being that the care worker or person assisting with the showering can bath the person yet stay dry themselves. The more able bodied user can simply pull the shower curtain round and shower away.

Other fringe benefits would include the flexibility that half height shower doors allow to all members of the household – it is safer, quicker, greener and in general handy to be able to shower children as opposed to putting them in the bath. I wouldn’t recommend adapting the bathroom solely for this purpose – after all – the children will grow – but if the circumstances suggest that the bath must come out – then if at all possible it should be convenient for all users.

Other industry related terms that can be associated with Accessible showering are – Level access shower, easy access shower, accessible shower, low profile shower, low level shower tray, level access shower tray, disabled access shower to name a few.  It is important to note that when installing a level access shower, that the level access shower tray is fitted exactly level to avoid water escaping from the tray.  It is also best not to fit power showers to level access shower trays as the volume of water can often be too much for the tray to handle.

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