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vitalize-1A Bath replacement shower is a quick and fairly straight forward installation.  The Bath is removed and replaced with a full length walk in shower tray.

An electric shower tends to be the norm – unless there was one already in place over the old bath – and once the tiling is complete, the doors are made to measure.  Fixed panels are often used to ensure that the doors themselves do not hit or foul against the existing Basin or Toilet.

 Cladding can be used as an alternative to tiling – again increasing the speed at which the works can be carried out, and driving the overall cost of the adaptation down.  The Bath Replacement system is more suited to those who struggle to use the bath because of age and limited mobility than those who may be wheel chair bound.

For a better understanding as to how a bath replacement shower can help – simply visit the online showroom where you will see the full range on display – including 3 different Bath Replacement Showers.

A Bath replacement shower can be very quick and therefore be a cost effective way to make the bathroom safer.  However, it is somewhat difficult to match tiles that may have been on the walls for quite a few years – so it is generally the norm that the entire bathroom gets a facelift at the same time.

In addition, it is also acceptable to put the new wall covering over the old – and this seriously reduces the amount of dusts generated throughout the house.  If the walls are not damaged they wont new to be replaced for new. This all contributes to the cost efficiency that a Bath replacement shower can provide. Either way, if you are considering a Bath Replacement Shower, or want an alternative to the bath – we would be more than happy t help.

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